I just have to say I am so grateful my primary doctor sent me to the Mayo Clinic I finally have a dr who cares and who is optimistic and hopeful and going to do whatever it takes to ensure I have the best quality of life possible. Also it’s possible my body will repair […]

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Good vibes

It’s @mayoclinic official I have gastroparesis. We have known since the end of January but I had a crappy GI here in Savannah who even with my testing showing gastroparesis just kept insisting I needed my gallbladder out. While I may not be able to take the only medication for gastroparesis I have hope again […]

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Second Chances

I’ve been wanting to write this post for awhile but, haven’t mainly cause I feel like I share too much in social media anyway and I figured people are probably tired of me sharing all the things when it comes to my health and personal stuff. After all social media is supposed to be our […]

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Reglan and all the effects

I have had tardive dyskinesia before from buspar. Yep am currently experiencing symptoms from the reglan and being told that I need to continue with it until my follow up appointment in mid August because symptoms can go away. I got lucky that the first time they went away after several months but I am […]

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Decisions decisions

So my 2 options are keep taking the reglan and seeing if the side effects go away cause that can happen so feel like shit for a few weeks (hopefully that’s how long ) take Benadryl as soon as my skin feels crawly and add meds to help with the sleepiness and not starve to […]

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2 days is all it takes

I started reglan yesterday which is the only medication for gastroparesis in the US. I began having issues with tardive dyskinesia symptoms starting. My skin crawling and horrid panic. The last two days have been a major stuggle for me. It’s either I continue to take reglan and feel awful all the time or I […]

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It been awhile

So after an encouraging appt with my endocrinologist I now can go to my gi and demand better treatment options. Today I’m having a rough day but I’m trying a tenz unit on my stomach to see if it helps

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